Apple Removes Developer Account From Epic Games

Apple Removes Developer Account From Epic Games
Epic Games

Apple warned him and has proceeded as he said to close the Epic Games developer account from the App Store, preventing the famous Battle Royale Fortnite from continuing to receive updates on the platforms of those from Cupertino.

Epic Games

At the beginning of this month, Fortnite received an update from Epic in which it skipped Apple’s in-app payment platform through its store and integrated a direct one in an attempt to avoid sales commissions through from the App Store, violating Apple’s terms and conditions of use. Because of this, Apple proceeded to remove the famous game from the store, leading to a public legal campaign against Apple, which has ended with the removal of the Epic Games developer account from the App Store, which nevertheless continues maintaining the account you have for your Unreal Engine graphics engine. This last account, as reported by 9to5mac cannot be removed from the App Store, a judge has certified.

To all those who, starting this past Friday, have wanted to get hold of the app in the App Store, they have found a message advising that the game is no longer available in their region. For all those who already have the game on their devices, although they will be able to continue using it, it will no longer receive updates, and its use will be limited to what they have available at that time. In-app purchases will no longer be available, and the option to restore the game for those who delete it by recovering their current purchases will no longer be available.

Apple has expressed its point of view about what happened and has made it clear that allowing the behaviour of Epic Games in its app store would be unfair to the rest of the developers who abide by the rules of the platform. They have admitted that they regret not being able to continue collaborating with them and that they hope to work together again in the future, but that this is not possible at this time.

The CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has again expressed his opinion regarding the decision to close the company’s account in the App Store through Twitter, where he replied to a publication by 9to5mac in which they shared the statements by Apple to this whole thing.

As we know, yesterday, Epic Games sent an email to all Fortnite users explaining how Apple had banned versions of the game on their platforms and they would not continue to receive updates after having blocked their account. This means that game users on Apple systems will also not have access to Fortnite’s multiplayer options. This of course also extends to the Mac, where despite not offering the game from the Mac App Store, Epic Games requires the certificates that the developer account allows in order to run the game on the system.

Apple for its part has taken advantage of the circumstance to promote another Battle Royale through the App Store called PUBG Mobile, a well-known alternative to Fortnite’s direct competition.

This contest has only just begun, and the conflict is still pending the first legal resolutions, which are expected to be issued this next September. Apple seems to have the upper hand given that its reasons are legitimate, however, this type of confrontation usually ends up bringing changes to platforms such as the App Store, so we will have to keep an eye on how this process is developing that is only beginning. At the moment, those who have lost the most to date have been Fortnite users on iPhone, iPad and Mac, who cannot continue to enjoy the well-known game as they have done so far.

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