How to gain more followers on Facebook?

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Facebook has become a big part of our daily life. Recently, the social network breached the ‘billion users a day’ barrier. This means one in seven people on earth is on Facebook for at least a few minutes each day.

Marketers saw the opportunity miles away and have been using Facebook to reach their customers. Thanks to the deep analytics built into the system, and the quantum of information people share on Facebook, it is a marketer’s dream come true. Targeting the right customer has never been this easy.

 To attract customers, a business can start a product or a fan page on Facebook. They can use either free methods or paid advertising to bring the customers to the page. Here are some of the best ways to gain more followers on Facebook.

  1. Create great content, consistently

Although people’s attention span has shrunk massively and website SEO techniques have changed over time, content is still the king. When you put out great content regularly, it double the chances of getting your customer’s attention and Facebook makes it super easy for people to share content with their friends. This way, you can maximise your exposure tremendously by publishing content.

  1. Use good hashtags

Many people think hashtags work only on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook integrated hashtags some time ago. So whenever you publish, use the appropriate hashtags to reach people who would normally miss out. When a hashtag is well timed and linked to a current event, it can give massive exposure to your brand at no cost. Many of today’s Instagram models and YouTube stars became famous by using hashtags effectively. 

  1. Engage with customers

 Working the social media is slightly different from the hiring teenagers to distribute pamphlets in a market. You get more exposure and favourable response when customers see you interact with them. If you keep posting sales related news twice a day, people will lose interest quickly. But instead, if you write shareable content, answer questions, like others’ comments, offer suggestions etc. you get more visibility on your customer’s timeline and it also shows that you care. Make it a habit to interact with other pages, offer helpful comments and be present.

  1. Optimize content

It is important that you socialise on social media. As mentioned earlier, don’t stick to publishing your sales letter twice a day. Search for interesting topics and share content from other sources. This will help generate more interest from your existing customers and when they interact with your shares, by liking or commenting, more of your customers will get exposed to the message. It’s like getting free advertising. If you get good at this, you may never have to spend money to buy advertising. 


Watch what other brands and pages are doing. See how they are interacting with customers and what kind of material is getting the most likes. Competition research is so easy on Facebook. When you back that with a solid content strategy, growing more followers is very easy.

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