How to start a YouTube Channel and gain a mass following?

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YouTube is the most visited video site in the world. The sheer breadth of its video collection is beyond imagination and it is a traffic magnet. If you have used content marketing to gain customers, adding YouTube as one of your sources can double or triple your visitors and conversions. A video is more attention-grabbing than the written word, is faster to consume and more shareable than other forms of content. 

So how can you harness the power of YouTube to build your following?

 Are there any special techniques to speed up your subscriber count? In the following article, we will describe a few tested ways to increase your views and subscriber numbers.

The key to maximising your followers’ numbers on YouTube is to be more visible to the casual YouTubers. If you get your video to show in the recommended list of videos and search results, your chance of getting more viewers triples.

YouTube uses a complex algorithm to decide which videos come up in the recommended list. One key is to have a lot of subscribers. But how do you build subscribers for free?

Here are a few proven ways to build your subscriber base.

  1. Stop trying to ‘trick’ YouTube

There are thousands of attention-grabbing videos that promise to teach you a neat way to trick YouTube algorithm into giving you more exposure. 99.99% of these are useless and the only thing good about them is their headline’s hook. So stop trying to hack your way around YouTube. Most of them are just pranks aimed at increasing their viewer numbers anyway. So, why waste time on those?

  1. Promote like crazy

Great content will be watched, but only if people know about it. So get ready for the grunt work and promote your content like crazy. Leverage your Facebook friends and don’t be shy to ask them to share your content. Once you get that ball rolling, the content will help you get some traction. 

  1. Publish consistently

When you publish content, it is easy to get overwhelmed and pack as much information as possible in each video. Stop that. Instead, create a content calendar and deal with one topic or item, in details in each video. Publishing regularly will help spread your material and get your more eyeballs. So instead of an intense 10-minute video, make four two minute videos. Make them fun to watch. This way, you have a 4X chance to hook your customers. One short video a week is a lot better than an hour long video every month. Remember that the audience attention span is very low, so there are higher chances of them finishing a two-minute video than a 15-minute clip.

  1. Value your viewers

A lot of YouTubers spend way too much time setting up the scene than delivering on their promise. Put your most valuable information in the first eight seconds. Don’t spend time on fancy credits or artwork. If your viewer lasts more than eight seconds, they may stick around a bit longer.

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